After the first year of production and processing of wine, on a vineyard of almost 2 hectares, today they plan an experience on at least 4 hectares for the next harvest. Croatina and Riesling could soon be reached by Pinot Noir, properly vinified in white in those parts. And maybe some Chardonnay grapes, among the most appreciated in nature. The story is short. It is intense. And it runs…

Young dreams

History feeds on passion. Mario and Vittorio, father and son, had a dream, a vineyard that lapped the hill. And the passion took them to Mornico, in Merizzolo, which has remained unchanged for centuries, where the land is clayey and the bees prosper. Vittorio, Laura and Massimiliano today produce Bonarda and Riesling, supported by two great experts, Marco Esti and Alessandro Leoni, precisely on those vineyards of Merizzolo facing south-west that reflect every ray of sunshine during each day of the year.

Right there, where our fathers used to find the must, I began to learn about wine. Vittorio M.